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Thank you for your interest in feeding people, not landfills, with Flower City Pickers Inc! FCP serves the following types of organizations, homeless shelters, meal-centers, child-care facilities, local farms and livestock owners, women's centers, refugee affinity organizations, and public facilities (libraries, recreation centers, etc.) FCP will serve but individuals but ONLY those in exceptional circumstances such as a lack of mobility or temporary displacement. To ensure we are able to understand your organization's needs and keep in touch please fill out this survey.
Name of your Organization:
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Address of Organization
This is where we will deliver food if your organization is eligible for delivery and where we will send limited mail such as feedback surveys.
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Name of Point of Contact #1 *
A point of contact is someone who is involved in the pickup, delivery or preparation of food from received from Flower City Pickers Inc. At least one point of contact is required, two is preferred.
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Phone Number of Point of Contact #1 *
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email of Point of Contact #1 *
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Name of Point of Contact #2
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How will you pick up or receive your shares of food?
As a volunteer organization, Flower City Pickers only currently has access to personal vehicles. Therefore, we prefer that organizations pick up their shares from us at the Rochester Public Market. Pickup times include, Tues+Thurs ~3:00PM and Saturday at ~3:30 PM. Shares can be picked up from the Flower City Pickers bus which is located in the northern parking lot of the Rochester Public Market.
What days are you interested in currently receiving food from Flower City Pickers? *
What other times in the future might you like to receive food?
12PM - 3PM
3PM - 6PM
6PM - 9PM
How many shares would you like to receive? *
Consider that an average share from FCP weighs approximately 40 lbs and includes an ever-changing assortment of perishable fruits, vegetables and bread. Please consider others while determining your share size and request only what you think you can use in 4-6 days. (your share quantity can be adjusted later by contacting distribution@flowercitypickers.org
One mixed share
Several produce and bread shares
Approximately how many people does your organization serve food to? *
How will you utilize the food boxes you received from Flower City Pickers?
Will you use it for prepared meals; take home bags; or other (please describe briefly)
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Are there any food types you are not interested in receiving from FCP? *
Please specify: meats, bread, certain types of vegetables or fruit.
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Are there other organizations that you would like to make us aware of that may be interested in receiving additional produce, bread or other food?
Please include a brief description of the organizations being sure to include an email address or phone number by which we can reach the organization.
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