2021-2022 Mapleton Virtual Academy Registration (Late Enrollment period ends September 30th)
Please answer all questions completely. An administrator will be in contact with you to finalize student information and scheduling on an individual basis. Please make sure all information is accurate and current.
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I understand the policies and procedures that are outlined in the 21-22 Mapleton Virtual Handbook. (This document is linked below) https://drive.google.com/file/d/1GQA-tRXD1DC9PzEQGocG6J10A0PYIfwP/view?usp=sharing *
I understand that the Mapleton Virtual Academy is a YEAR LONG commitment and agree to the terms in the MVA Handbook for any changes in placement. *
I understand that, even though I am enrolling past the original deadline, I will be expected to complete the entire 36 unit course and 18 unit semester courses in full. (This implies that some of the material will be redone as school is already started)
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