Welcome to the second edition of the Homeschool Convention! When we sold out last year’s convention, we were stoked that so many people felt supported in their homeschooling journey. This year, we’ve decided to make it bigger!

2018’s Homeschool Convention is held over 2 days.

Day 1 features 11 keynote speakers who will present, TED TALK style, a topic close to their heart. The messages are aimed at the homeschool community from young homeschoolers to those finishing their journey. You will be so encouraged as you get reminded of the good, bad and funny in this journey less travelled!

After the morning’s talks, we break for lunch, then head back for the curriculum fair. The fair is a tradition of the homeschool community for parents to share their resources with one another. We also feature vendors that sell relevant products for home education.

Day 2 will see breakout groups where you can focus on a particular homeschooling aspect in depth. Choose one to join: Special Needs Forum, Young Homeschoolers Session or the Chinese Conference. Each breakout session will be 2 hours.

Parents who have signed up for our Kids Drop Off Zone (KDOZ) in advance, will have a great time knowing their kids are well taken of by experienced homeschooling parents and teens.

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For details of who is speaking and what each day entails, please go to for more information.

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