District 8 Neighborhood Conditions Survey
The purpose of this survey is to gain a better understanding of perceptions, feelings, and ideas for improving neighborhoods throughout the 8th District. Every neighborhood is different and has a unique set of opportunities to build upon and challenges to address. I firmly believe that the people that live, work, and play in each of these neighborhoods are the best resource to get feedback on making them stronger.

Thank you so much for completing this survey and if you'd like to reach out to me directly to discuss further please email me at kristerfer.burnett@baltimorecity.gov or call my office at 410-396-4818.

Kristerfer Burnett
Baltimore City Councilman, 8th District

What neighborhood do you live in? *
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About how long have you lived in this neighborhood? *
In your neighborhood are there vacant lots? If so, please list the location. *
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In your neighborhood are there vacant Buildings? If so, please provide the address. *
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In your neighborhood are there deteriorated occupied homes? If so, please provide the addresses and a brief description of the condition of the house. *
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In your neighborhood are there homes requiring demolition? If so, please provide the addresses. *
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What are the most significant changes that have taken place in your neighborhood since you moved there? *
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What are the best qualities about living in your neighborhood? *
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What are some of your concerns not being addressed in your community? *
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How would you rate the overall housing conditions and buildings in your neighborhood? *
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Conditions of private yards and grounds
Conditions of streets, curbs, and sidewalks
Maintenance of street lighting, trash receptacles, and street signs
Comments & Locations
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Which of the following types of land uses would you like to see happen for vacant lots in your neighborhood? *
Do you feel safe living in your neighborhood? Why or Why not? *
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Is there a crime problem in your neighborhood? If so, what type? *
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How do you feel about your interactions with the Baltimore Police Department? *
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