Deployment Questionnaire
This is a short questionnaire to provide insight about the deployment experience of those who serve in the United States Armed forces and their dependents. It is meant to focus on the emotional experience in an effort to close the civilian and military divide. The collected stories are intended to be used in the development of an art installation about the deployment experience. The responses are anonymous.
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What is your relationship to deployment? (the one sent?, or left behind?, accompanied?, or unaccompanied?
If you were deployed, what were the circumstances of your deployment? If you were a spouse, dependent, or family member... how was your family member deployed?
If you were going to explain it to someone who has no relationship with the military... What is important for people to know about the experience of deployment?
How do you talk about deployment with people who HAVE been in a similar position?
How do you talk about deployment with people who have NOT been in a similar position?
What did it feel like to be deployed? What did it feel like when your Spouse or family member was deployed?
What are some memories of the deployment? Leading up to it? During it? After?
What sounds, sights, smells, sensations that come to mind when you think about that time? Colors? Specific imagery?
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