LabVIEW Workshops @ CERN
Start: in 3-4 months.
(The application for the Workshops that start in February is closed ).

The workshop will last ~5 weeks - 1 day per week - 2 hours after-work (6pm-8pm). It includes guidelines and examples (both HW and SW) from the total beginning of LabVIEW. The course finishes with the CLAD exam for those who will feel to do it.

The course will probably take place in IdeaSquare ( bldg. 3179 ). About IdeaSquare :
(...) IdeaSquare is a dedicated test facility at CERN that hosts detector R&D projects (...) it also can host special innovation-related events. (...).

To check more information about this great environment, go here:

The course will be guided mainly by Patryk Oleniuk (CERN, TE-EPC). All the course will be guided in English. Please fill in the form only in English.

Disclaimer: We (organizers of the course) work at CERN, and this is our after-work self-development activity. We are LabVIEW fans and want to share the knowledge about it.

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