Blackrock Utah Array Quote Request Form

This is the OFFICIAL form where you can define the configurations of your arrays. Please make sure you fill out the form carefully and include any special requests on this form. Any prior communications and discussions outside of this form is invalid and will not be considered.

All array orders are custom and no refunds or exchanges are allowed.

If you need more information with anything on this form please contact our sales at


General Information
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Name of the university, hospital or organization the order will come from.
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Name of the main principal investigator of the lab
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Experiment Details
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Would you like to receive the arrays in a sterile package? *
Blackrock only recommends EtO as a sterilization method.
Is there any special deadline we need to be aware of?
The standard lead-times are CerePort (4-8 weeks), Omnetics (4-8), ICS-96 (4-8), and Sterilization (1 additional week).
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Connector Type *
Data Acquisition System *
To ensure maximum compatibility, please specify the brand and model of your data acquisition system.
Would you like to order a standard array or a MultiPort array? *
An Utah Array assembly can consist of one or many arrays. The number of arrays is limited by the connector used. For example, a CerePort connector can handle up to 128 electrodes. An ICS-96 connector is limited to 96 channels, Omnetics 36-pin connectors are also limited to 96 channels (3 connectors on a board). While the CerePort connector has enough pins for 128 electrodes, each array can have a maximum of 96 electrodes (10x10 with 4 unconnected pins). In this case, it's possible to connect two arrays of smaller sizes (96-ch and a 32-ch or two 64-ch or four 32-ch) in a MultiPort assembly. Each additional array increases the base price. MultiPort assemblies are also possible with the ICS-96 connector.
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