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Blackrock only recommends EtO as a sterilization method.
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The standard lead-times are CerePort (4-8 weeks), Omnetics (4-8), ICS-96 (4-8), and Sterilization (1 additional week).
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An Utah Array assembly can consist of one or many arrays. The number of arrays is limited by the connector used. For example, a CerePort connector can handle up to 128 electrodes. An ICS-96 connector is limited to 96 channels, Omnetics 36-pin connectors are also limited to 96 channels (3 connectors on a board). While the CerePort connector has enough pins for 128 electrodes, each array can have a maximum of 96 electrodes (10x10 with 4 unconnected pins). In this case, it's possible to connect two arrays of smaller sizes (96-ch and a 32-ch or two 64-ch or four 32-ch) in a MultiPort assembly. Each additional array increases the base price. MultiPort assemblies are also possible with the ICS-96 connector.
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