Erev Shemini Atzeret Potluck Dinner Registration Form - Sunday, October 20, 2019 @ 7:00pm *** sign up deadline is Thursday, October 17 at 9:00pm ***
You are cordially invited to a potluck dinner in the sukkah on the roof of Ansche Chesed (251 West 100 Street, corner West End Avenue). The event will be held inside Ansche Chesed in case of inclement weather.

The dinner (kosher; dairy, fish or pareve) will be a coordinated potluck with everyone expected to either buy or prepare (in a kosher kitchen) something to bring. It will be held rain or shine (if the weather is poor then the dinner will be held indoors at Ansche Chesed).

This is a form that will enable you to register for this dinner (no walk-ins will be permitted). This is a coordinated potluck dinner. There is no monetary charge for this dinner but each person is responsible for bringing an item to the dinner. If you are coming with another adult then that adult is also responsible for bringing something to the dinner.

Those bringing children can count them as being responsible for bringing half the amount an adult would be responsible for bringing. Children under 5 don't count for bringing something but do please tell us if they are coming so we can get an accurate headcount and set out enough chairs etc.

For further information you can contact the event leader, Michael Brochstein, via email at or 212/678-7881 (before 9:00pm!).

Each adult person is responsible for bringing something to the meal. The coordinator reserves the right to alter what you bring (i.e. so we don't end up with seltzer and cookies and nothing else).

CHALLAH/BREAD - two round loaves per person assigned (must be uncut loaves of challah/bread and certified kosher).

SALAD - each salad should have about 8-10 servings. Ideas: green, pasta, toboulli, cucumber, three bean, Waldorf, carrot, vegetable,... An easy store bought idea is to get a (certified kosher) package of lox, baby carrots, hummus etc.

MAIN DISH - each main dish should have about 8-10 servings. Ideas: lasagna, kugels, quiche, rice pilaf, chili, baked ziti,... An easy idea is to get a pasta dish from Cafe Viva (on Broadway between West 97 & 98 Street).

DRINKS - two 2-liter (or equivalent) bottles per person. Ideas: cola, diet cola, seltzer, diet caffeine free cola, diet Sprite, diet 7Up, orange juice, apple cider, (seltzer and diet caffeine free cola are the most popular drinks)

DESSERT - each dessert should have about 8-10 servings (i.e. 2 packages of cookies). Ideas: seedless grapes, strawberries, ice cream/sorbet/frozen yogurt (2 pints), fruit salad, cookies (cookies are much more popular than cakes)

Wine, grape juice and paper goods are being supplied by our host.

*** KASHRUT POLICY - All food must be vegetarian or fish or dairy and contain no un-certified kosher cheese or grape products. Cooked dishes must be made in a kosher home. All commercially prepared foods (including all baked goods) must come from a certified kosher source.

For further information you can contact the event leader at Michael Brochstein via email at or 212/678-7881 (before 9:00pm!).

Here is some further ideas about what to bring:
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