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We value EVERY response that is submitted. PLEASE take your time and answer truthfully and accurately. Your responses will be recorded, collected, and will be added to our data to make the education of students in Arkansas the BEST it possibly can be.
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What Congressional District is your school located in? *
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What grade are you in this year *
What subject do you enjoy the most? If you don’t enjoy any of these subjects, choose the one you excel in the most. *
Scale (1-5)- 1 being the worst and 5 being the best
How easy is it for you to learn in class? *
Very Hard
Very Easy
How well do you retain the knowledge gained during class? *
Very Poorly
Very Well
How much do you enjoy attending school? *
Not at All
Very Much
How well do you benefit from the teaching methods used in the classroom? *
Not Well at All
Very Well
How well do your teachers and your school meet every academic need that you have? *
Not Well at All
Very Well
How much are your parents involved in your education? *
Not Involved at All
Very Involved
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The majority of your peers pay attention during class. *
The teachers attempt to help every student understand a lesson before moving on to the next one. *
The appropriate resources are provided to you. *
Your teachers try to make new concepts interesting and easy to learn. *
You get bored easily in class. *
My teachers take the time to make a connection with the students in my classes. *
I have everything I need for class each day. *
My family has a hard time paying for the things I need for school. *
I get to participate in extracurricular activities at school. *
I see my principal in my classes during the day. *
Short response (20 words or 1-2 sentences please)
Do you feel as though your school provides enough class options to suit every student's interests? *
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If you fall behind in a class, are you confident that your teachers will help you get to the same level as the other students? *
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If you are moving at a faster pace than the lessons, are you confident that your teacher will keep you engaged with additional or enriching lessons or activities? *
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Are the necessary resources for learning easy to access (books, computers, internet)? *
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What obstacles do you face on a daily basis when it comes to school? *
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If you could change something at your school for the better, what would it be? *
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Extended response (100 words or 3-5 sentences please)
Using only an academic viewpoint (classes, teachers, learning) what do you see as a strength in your school? *
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Describe a specific weakness in your school and how it directly affects the student's learning. *
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Do you feel as though your school’s administration actively works to better the education of you and all other students? Why or why not? *
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Overall do you feel like your school properly prepares you for the future (the next grade, college, career)? Explain why or why not. *
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