The Marbled team is looking forward to providing you and your family and friends the makings of a most memorable Thanksgiving feast. Please take the time to consider how many guests you will be serving. You can find sourcing details and portion recommendations below.

This year we are offering a few accompaniments to your meal as well as fresh-baked bread from Erin at Signal Fire Bread. As always we strive to make everything with local, seasonal and organic ingredients. All of our proteins are responsibly sourced from local farms and always raised without hormones or antibiotics.

NOTE: Because we are working with small family farms, we have a limited amount of turkeys and hams available.


PICK-UP on November 20 or 21 (or otherwise discussed)
Note: the shop will be CLOSED November 22 and 23. Open normal business hours Saturday and Sunday (24 and 25)


TURKEY - $7.50 / lb

• Fully Pasture-Raised in Romulus, NY from Autumn’s Harvest Farm
• Certified Organic, No Hormones, Antibiotics or Steroids
• Fed Local, Non-GMO Grains
• Breed: Broad Breasted Whites
• Five Size Categories: 8-10 (SOLD OUT), 10-14 (SOLD OUT), 14-16 (AVAILABLE), 16-20 (SOLD OUT), or 20-24 lbs (1 LEFT)
• Fresh & Never Frozen
• The most flavorful turkey that’s better for you, your family, and the environment
• Recommended portion is 1 lb per person


• Same farm/details as above
• Bone-in - both breasts with ribs and backbone 
• Small (6-8 lb) or Large (8-10 lb) - $12/lb
• Boneless Breast available. Inquire for details.


HAM - $14 / lb (boneless) (SOLD OUT)

• Fully Pasture-Raised from Autumn’s Harvest Farm in Romulus, NY or Meili Farm, Amenia, NY
• Heritage-Breed
• House-Smoked at Stock Up in Beacon, NY
• Size Options: Half 4-8 lbs or Whole 8-12 lbs
• Recommended portion is 1/2 lb per person


Other Protein Options to Consider:
• Capon, Rabbit, Cornish Hens, Beef Roast, Pork Roast, Lamb Roast
• Duck - whole, breast (boneless), leg/thigh combo (bone-in)


(If you need multiples of anything, please indicate that in "Other")

• Turkey Bone Broth Gravy - $12/ pint (feeds 4-8) - 48 hour slow cooked turkey bone broth velouté, herbs, lovage 
• Sausage for Stuffing ($12/lb - by the pound, pork or turkey)
• Cranberry Chutney - $14/ pint (feeds 4-8)
• Brine Kit ($10 for one bird)
• Dry Rub ($8 for one bird)


Fresh baked from Signal Fire Bread using local and organic ingredients.
(If you need multiple of each loaf, please indicate that in "Other" below)

• East Mountain Levain $7
• Corn Grits $8
• Spelt & Currant $8
• Roasted Garlic & Rosemary $8


Note: We will send confirmation emails and follow up with any special requests. We are requiring a deposit this year - details will be included in your confirmation email.

call: (845) 265-2830
visit: 3091 Rt 9, Cold Spring, NY 10516

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