BUAC 2018 Volunteer Form
Brock University Accounting Conference (BUAC) is hosting our tenth annual accounting conference from November 16th – November 18th and the BUAC committee is currently looking for volunteers to help out.

Volunteering will be held at Brock University’s Campus on Saturday, November 17th, 2018 from 8:00am – 5:00pm. Lunch, as well as light refreshments throughout the day, will be provided. This will be an excellent opportunity to get involved and gain insight on how case competitions are run. You will also have the opportunity to network with delegates from schools across Ontario, as well as firm representative judges.

Volunteering with BUAC will give you an invaluable experience, working in a team-orientated environment and building your resume!

Ensure you submit your resume to buac.internallogistics@goodmanasa.com to complete your application! More details can be found on our CareerZone posting ID: 62286

Please visit www.goodmanbuac.com for more information, and for any inquiries please contact Maheen Dayani at buac.internallogistics@goodmanasa.com

You may choose to select a preference for one of the below volunteer roles:

Isolation Room Monitor
Isolation Room Monitors will have the vital task of guiding our delegates to their isolation rooms and monitoring them as they prepare for their presentations. They will also be in charge of leading our delegate teams to their respective presentation rooms.

Presentation Room Monitors
Presentation Room Monitors will have the prestigious opportunity to interact with the teams as well as our esteemed judges. It will be their task to lead the presentations and keep the time as the presentations proceed.

Hall Monitors:
Hall monitors have the important role of keeping the isolation areas in check and ensure that everything is running smoothly. They will assist the isolation room monitors keep the delegates in check and contact executives in case of any issues.

Runners have the exciting task of greeting judges upon their arrival and leading them to their designated locations. They also have the essential task of assisting executives in any way possible such as delivering messages to other volunteers & executives.

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