Project Funding Application
This form is to request funding or assistance with components for projects that you propose or are already working on. Be reasonable with what you request as there are likely to be lots of other people who will also need assistance.

In order to be a valid project for ICRS to get involved with, the project must be:
- A group effort, so benefit more than just one member.
- Relevant to ICRS and robotics in general.

We require commitment from the projects that we fund, so only ask for funding if you plan on actually completing the project. Regular but informal updates on the project should be provided to ensure you are making good progress and whether or not you need further assistance. We take pride in the projects that we run and so would also like to feature them on the society website in the hope of encouraging others to pursue cool and exciting projects.

Submit the form and someone from ICRS will be in contact shortly. If you have any further questions or wish to discuss further, email the Project Coordinator, Morgan Nightingale at
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Do you consent to us featuring the project on the society website? (Full credit goes to the creator of course)
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