WVSTA 2019 Session Submission: Deadline Oct. 1, 2019
The WVSTA Conference Committee welcomes all proposals for concurrent session presentations at the conference.
Your options include:

-NEW! Research Poster Presentation

-25 minute lecture (typically a information session or introduction to a program)

-1 hour hands-on session (tables provided for hands-on activities)

-1 hour shar-a-thon session (multiple tables set up in a room similar to a flea market where attendees wander from table to table watching presenters demonstrate activities one on one ( e.g. ideal for dissemination of lessons developed by teachers for a grant or preservice teacher presentations as part of a class).

Submit all proposals no later than OCTOBER 1st using the submission form below.

Acceptance: We accept almost all sessions as our goal is for registered attendees to have the opportunity to present if they wish to do so. Unless we contact you to say your session has been rejected, it is almost certainly accepted.

WARNING: Please be aware that failure to register for the conference by OCTOBER 1 will result in your session being removed from the program. Sessions may ONLY be presented by attendees.
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NOTE: WVSTA Conference committee will only communicate about this session with the lead presenter. It is your responsibility to pass on any information to your colleagues.
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