Patron Suggestion for the Purchase of Library Materials
McMillan offers no guarantees that we will be able to acquire items suggested, but we will investigate its purchase. Please check the library catalog for your item before suggesting it.

Popular authors, titles, and movies (i.e. bestsellers) will be regularly ordered; patrons interested in these materials should monitor the library’s catalog and place a hold when the item appears in the catalog.

We usually do not purchase textbooks, workbooks, or study materials for classroom settings. These items typically have limited interest to the general community.

The library will consider public demand in our service area when deciding to purchase items.

Items may be acquired through outerlibrary loan from libraries outside of our consortium. New books, new movies, and text books cannot be obtained through outerlibrary loan. If you provide your library card number, we may select this method to get your item, unless you decline this option.

If you provide your library card number we can put you on the hold list if we obtain the item.

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