St Joseph's Catholic Primary School, Parent/Carer Questionnaire 2019
We really value parents and carers views on how the school is performing. We also appreciate finding out what we are doing right and what we can improve upon. The survey comprises of 9 main questions, please take 5 minutes to let us know your opinions by 31st July 2019. If you have any further comments, there is the opportunity to feedback any additional information at the end of the survey. All responses are anonymous.
We will let you know the outcomes in the new term and look forward to reading your responses. Thank you for your support.
Before you answer any questions, please indicate which classes your children attend (tick as many as apply)
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Do you feel that a Catholic ethos is evident in school life, and that we live up to our Mission Statement of 'Love Jesus, Love Learning, Love Life'?
Do you feel that you can explain any concerns to a member of staff when they arise?
If you have raised concerns, have we dealt with them to your satisfaction?
Is prayer is a regular part of school life?
Do you feel welcome to attend Acts of Worship and Celebrations?
Do you feel the school encourages individuals to develop high moral standings by following the example of Jesus Christ?
Does your child feel safe in school?
Do you feel your child is taught well about e-safety?
Are you happy with the information you are given about your child's learning?
Are you happy with the progress your child is making with his/her learning?
Do you feel that the school communicates well enough to keep you informed about events and issues affecting the school?
Do you feel the school deals effectively with bullying
Do you feel that the school prepares children to become considerate and caring members of the community?
Do you feel that the school promotes a healthy lifestyle for your child?
2. If you answered 'other' or if you would like to explain your answer to any of the questions above, please provide further information in the box below.
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3a. Which methods do you usually get information about school activities and events (tick as many as apply) *
3b. Please rank the methods in order of preference (1 is your most prefered) *
4. Did your child join St Joseph's after July 2017? *
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