Evals dataset application - MATS
This is the application form for the MATS scholars program - application for contractor position is here: https://forms.gle/x4Wxmx3WCh8R9sXQ8
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Describe briefly how large language models are trained, and what kind of things they're good or bad at. *
Please complete these tasks in order. I estimate they'll each take between 15 and 25 minutes.

Consider a language model in the setting described in the tasks above. Describe in a few sentences two tasks that you think the model will need to do in order to succeed at gaining power, that you think are most difficult for current models (ie, that it will take a long time before models are able to do) *
Anything else you want to say about why you're interested or why you think you'd be a good fit?
Are you interested in, and logistically capable of,   working on this project after the end of the MATS program? What considerations are important for you?
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