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Are you a Cedar Falls author? Do you know of any Cedar Falls authors--past or present? Please share this link with the writers in your circle of friends and family! We are gathering information to create a directory of Cedar Falls authors and need your help. Cedar Falls has been an especially fertile home for writers—such as nationally-known best-selling writers Nancy Price, Robert James Waller, Ruth Suckow, James Hearst and Bess Streeter Aldrich. For far too long, Cedar Falls has hidden its literary light: the Authors Directory will correct this.

We are planning a series of events to celebrate our five nationally-known best selling writers and other Cedar Falls writers as well; therefore, we want to identify those in our community who are writing books, magazine or newspaper articles, blog posts, letters, diaries or poetry. Once we collect the results from this survey, we will post a list of local authors on the Cedar Falls Library's website along with contact information if you would be willing to participate in community gatherings featuring local authors. (If you don't want to participate in local events, we will simply post your name and the types of writing you do or titles of published work; if you want to honor deceased writers, we will also include them in our list).

Please note: We are defining a “Cedar Falls Author” as a person either born in Cedar Falls or who has spent a substantial amount of time living and writing in the city.

Thank you!
Rosemary Beach, Chair, Authors Festival Steering Committee
Jan Andersen
Mary Brammer
Scott Cawelti
Cherie Dargan
Barbara Lounsberry
Kim Manning
Mary Taylor

Please contact cfauthorsfestival@gmail.com if you have problems with the survey. THANK YOU!! You can also phone Cherie Dargan, (319) 610-1805.

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