Grace Church Communication Survey
Hello! Thank you for taking this survey. This information is incredibly valuable and we want you to know we appreciate the time you take to fill this out. The following short survey will help the Communications and Technology Team at Grace work with you to continue to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of communications within our community. Answer as many or as few questions as is convenient. Thank you!

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Which option is the most common convenient way to receive updates/news from the church? (Select all that apply)
How would you like to receive the Messenger?
How often would you like to receive the Messenger?
How often do you check the grace church website? (
If the church created a phone application "APP" (a simple way to use your phone to have access to Grace information) in addition to updating the website, would you likely use it?
What features would you like to see added to the church website?
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Any other comments/questions?
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