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Book of John
Chapter 20     New King James Version and NRSV are the main translations used for Study.
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Because of the obvious differences between John's gospel and the others. Modern day Christians would be wise to not overstate contradictions or attempt to harmonize. We should let the theme of Jesus the Messiah, be that which we understand as its testimony? *
The Jews during Jesus time did not seem to use caskets or sarcophigi? *
Who first came to the tomb where Jesus was buried? *
Did the disciples truly understand the fact that Jesus had risen? *
Mary stayed behind after the other disciples left the tomb. Then two angels appeared unto her. What happened next? *
In verse twenty-two Jesus breathed on them to receive what? *
What is the question given in Galatians 3:2? *
The greek word breath intimates life being given? *
Christ ministry of forgiveness and reconciliation is to be carried on by the apostles and the church. Name two gospel passages that coincide with this scriptural admonition?
Does any other gospel give us this record of occurrence between Thomas and Jesus after the resurrection?
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Thomas gives us that great biblical statement " My Lord and My God ". What does knowing Jesus as your messiah mean to you?
Jesus elaborates a blessing on those who do not see him?
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Are all the miracles of Jesus recorded in the gospels?
The book of John is written that you may what?
The ontological argument is an attempt to show that by examining the concept of God, that we can see that God does exist, and thereby must exist?
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