eDromos Process Mining & Simulation User Survey
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If you have not yet downloaded a free trial of eDromos process mining and simulation software by Synesa Solutions, please visit https://synesa.com/en/edromos-2/ 
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Background information
User and organisation
Field or industry (scroll down to see all the options):
Role in your organisation:
Organization size:
Organisation type:
Operating system(s) you use:
How many process mining software users does your organisation have (currently or if you decide to acquire a software for process mining)?
Do you prefer local software installation(s), cloud service or system integration? (check all that apply)
Do you process confidential data under strict privacy and security regulations (e.g. patient or banking information)?
Has your organisation utilised process mining and simulation before:
1 – Not at all
5 – Extensively
Process mining
Simulation (Discrete Event System)
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What is your personal level of expertise of:
1 – None/Almost none
5 – Expert
Process mining
Simulation (Stochastic Discrete Event)
Data analytics, statistics, AI, ML & data science
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What is your educational field (scroll down to see all the options)?
What is your educational level?
eDromos features and usability
eDromos software
Was eDromos trial version installation process:
1 – Very difficult
5 – Very easy
Install process
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Before testing eDromos, did you know that eDromos is the only process mining software that can also create a simulation model of your process?
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Based on your experience of the trial version of eDromos, how would you rate the following features:
1 – Not good
5 – Excellent
Creating a new project
Data import
Data cleaning and filtering
Creating a data configuration
Unit analysis
Other analysis types (evolution, pre/post, time series etc.)
Creating a process mining configuration
Interpreting process mining results
Creating and running a simulation model
Interpreting simulation results
Generic ease of use and work-flow
Generic usefulness of features and results
eDromos instructions, manuals, tutorials and videos
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If you have prior experience of process mining and simulation softwares, how would you rate eDromos compared to them (you can write details in the free comments at the end of the form):
Very insufficient
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If your organisation uses or considers using a process mining software, what is the biggest data size you typically analyse?
What was the biggest negative experience or difficulty you encountered while testing eDromos?
What was the biggest positive experience or surprise you encountered while testing eDromos?
eDromos is ever growing and under constant development. Synesa Solutions has expertise for far more than what is available in the current sales version of eDromos. What new functionalities would you like to see in eDromos in the near future? (check all that apply)
Details about features
Do you prefer week, month or year licenses?
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Are you currently considering purchasing eDromos license?
If you don't consider purchasing eDromos license, what are the biggest reasons for that? (check all that apply)
Would your organisation be interested in eDromos online courses? (check all that apply)
The creator of eDromos, Synesa Solutions Ltd. (Finland), is a pioneer in combining process mining and simulation. We have a long university based research background and experience, trusted by hospitals, health care districts and companies in Finland and abroad. Would your organisation be interested in consultation and research services offered by Synesa Solutions?
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Can we contact you by email if we need further details concerning the features, usability, and development of eDromos? (If yes, please leave your email address)
We are dedicated to making eDromos the most versatile, productive and easy-to-use process mining, simulation and process optimization system on the planet. If there are any improvements you want to  suggest, new features you want to see in eDromos or you have found bugs or met any difficulties while installing or using eDromos, please let us know so that we can make it right. – You can also email us at support@synesa.com and sales@synesa.com, or directly any or all of our specialists: https://synesa.com/en/company-2/. You can also contact us by direct messages on LinkedIn, Twitter and FaceBook.
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