Zero Hour Ambassador Application
Please answer these questions if you wish to be considered for an education campaign ambassador position or another position on Zero Hour.
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First name? *
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Age? *
Where do you live? ( city, state/country)
What do you identify as?
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Do you live in a community that is affected first hand by climate change?
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Are you aware that people of color are the most impacted by climate change? If so, how do you know this?
What do you think of Zero Hours platform? Is there anything you would improve or change about it?
Have you had any opportunities to take action against climate change? If so, what have you done?
What are some ideas you have for climate action?
Zero Hour is women of color led, why do you think it’s important for women of color to lead a climate justice movement?
What does climate justice mean to you?
Are there any particular teams that you believe you would work well on and have strengths in? (choose three)
Zero Hour wishes to uplift and assist people with disabilities, if you have any disabilities let us know.
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