Harpswell Heritage Land Trust Preserve and Trail Field Notes
This is a form for trustee and community stewards to report back to HHLT staff. Please record information about each visit to the preserve or trail you look after. If you observe any problems that should be addressed soon, please contact the trustee steward for the property or Priscilla Seimer at 207-721-1121.

If you visited on multiple days, please fill out this form multiple times. After you click submit, click on "submit another response." Feel free to skip questions if nothing has changed between visits.
Your name
Your email address
Name of preserve or trail
Date of your visit
Day of week
Number of hours you spent there
Names of volunteers (did anyone come with you?)
What work did you do while you were there? (e.g. stocked brochure box, walked the trail, cleared blow downs, etc.)
What problems did you notice on the preserve or trail? (e.g. erosion, rotting bridge, invasive species, trash, etc.)
How many people and cars did you see using the preserve or trail? (e.g. 3 cars and 6 hikers)
Do you have other thoughts or suggestions?
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