Voodoo EDM Dance Club Host Application

1.As a host, if you have any problems, let Manager on Duty know.

2. This is a Drama free zone. Any drama brought by a vip or even staff member will not be tolerated.
3. There will be MANDATORY HOST and SECURITY training for all HOSTS who are wanting to work at Voodoo Dance Club, this is not an option and must be completed. All attendance is logged for these meetings.

This is critical! Just be yourself have fun and you will enjoy working with for us.
Voodoo Dance Club are professional second life clubs! If you would like to be a host, please fill out the information below fill it out carefully any missed questions will be disqualified for hiring! Thank you for visiting us !
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How long have you been playing in Second Life? please note you can not apply if under 30 days old *
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