2019 Viking Tour Post-Ride Survey
In general, how would you rate the Viking Tour?
Really, really bad
Absolutely amazing!
How would you rate the ride support?
(Rest stops, mechanical support, vehicle support)
The support was terrible.
The support was AWESOME!
How would you rate the routes?
(Scenery, quality of roads, safety, clarity of route markings...)
Worst. Route. Ever.
Loved it!
How would you rate the food, beer and wine?
What did you think of the merch this year?
(Socks, t-shirts and jerseys)
How did you like the start/finish area?
(Layout, ease of registration, amount of vendors...)
Terrible and confusing
Practically perfect
Was the "Zero Waste Initiative" important to you?
Not really
I loved it!
Lastly, here is your chance to rant or rave! How can we make the 2020 Viking Tour even better?
Your answer
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