GIS Tag Verifier / Story Map Content Curator - Internship Application
The 1947 Partition Archive seeks a detail-oriented, inquisitive and creative curator to support the maintenance and expansion of our interactive Story Map.

The 1947 Partition Archive’s homepage features a Story Map with a searchable index that geospatially displays oral histories and the migration routes of witnesses displaced by the 1947 Partition of British India. The Story Map provides a telling visual history of the migrations during Partition. A pop-up placard displays information about each individual Partition witness including basic biographical information and a curated abstract of their oral history interview.

Managing and curating The 1947 Partition Archive’s Story Map online is like an engaging puzzle. The game includes juggling content updates/upkeep, GIS discovery, media additions, quality control and more! Become its dedicated Curator!
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Job Description

The Story Map Curator will be responsible for ensuring the quality of each testimonial entry on the Story Map. These duties include (but are not limited to):

o Regularly updating the Story Map documents with the required information for each entry
o Investigating the accuracy and integrity of each Story Map entry, particularly GIS location tagging
o Developing creative and lasting solutions to emergent problems
o Bridging the work output of- and collaborating closely with- the archiving and the editorial team leaders, where Story
Map is the cornerstone
Job Requirements
o Comfort and experience working with spreadsheets
o GIS tagging experience required
o Problem-solving skills
o Attention to detail
o Takes initiative
o A deep curiosity about history, individual stories and geography
o Strong analytical skills
o Photo editing skills preferred but not required
Internship Time Period - 6 months or 2 months
SIX MONTH POSITION: Position starts immediately. Intern needs to commit a minimum of 10 hours each week. Minimum 6 months commitment.

TWO MONTH POSITION: Intern is expected to commit 30 hours a week for 8 weeks.
Internship Location
This internship will be based in The 1947 Partition Archive’s Berkeley, CA office.
Internship Expectations
Interns are expected to develop ownership of their projects and encouraged to develop creative solutions. Intern must have a strong passion for and dedication to our mission and goals. Interns will receive relevant training, fieldwork experience as well as guaranteed references for those who complete their internship term. Successful interns, at the end of their tenure, will be considered for any paid positions that may be available. This internship is unpaid but interns may apply for credit or funding through their college or university. For this position, you will learn to communicate with diverse constituencies and learn how a nonprofit startup functions.

All interns will be working from our downtown Berkeley office.
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