The Voice Festival UK - what next?
The Voice Festival UK is a charity which strives to provide a cappella singers across the UK with opportunities to sing, learn, compete, and socialise as part of a national a cappella community. Our goal is to make these opportunities available to a cappella singers of all backgrounds and abilities, and to provide opportunities where they are most needed.

The UK a cappella community has grown very successfully in recent years. In order that we can understand where you think the Voice Festival can help for the future, we would be grateful if you can spare a few minutes to respond to this survey.

This survey should take NO MORE THAN 5 MINUTES to complete.

Thanks for helping us make the Voice Festival UK better every year!

1) When was the last time you were involved with or attended a Voice Festival event, or used a Voice Festival resource? *
2) Why did you initially contact or get involved with the Voice Festival? *
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3) In your opinion, what are the Voice Festival’s unique strengths? *
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4) Given what we do, how would you like to see the Voice Festival focus support for a cappella in the UK? *
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5) Can you describe any areas of the UK a cappella community which are currently under supported? *
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6) What is of most importance to you? Performance opportunities? Learning and resources? Entertainment? Competition? *
7) What opportunities or activities would you like to see the Voice Festival offering in the next 3-5 years? *
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8) What opportunities or activities would you like to see the Voice Festival offering in 5-10 years time? *
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9) If the Voice Festival could only do one thing, what should it be? *
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