Spring 2019: Champions for Change
One Region Forward, the University at Buffalo School of Architecture and Planning and Blackstone LaunchPad seek talented, motivated students to join the interdisciplinary team that will deliver the next iteration of this program and engage with diverse community leaders forwarding innovative initiatives in regional regeneration and climate justice. Our diverse team of graduate and undergraduate students will work with 1RF community partners in a transdisciplinary practicum/internship to:

1) Directly support community Champions for Change, through 6 Tuesday evening workshops and informal meetings, providing technical assistance, design & coaching as they translate their intentions into actions to move the region forward.

2) Develop a final project portfolio for each Champion with posters, flyers, a PowerPoint presentation, best practices, and clear project concept and case for action;

3) Develop final “Regeneration in Action Case Studies,” for publication

4) Organize a culminating “Idea Summit” community celebration where Champions will share their initiatives with the broader regional community. In the process, students will learn foundational concepts, practices and processes of regenerative design, social innovation, and asset-based community development while developing practical professional skills and participating in a dynamic community of learners and leaders.

Enrollment in the class is based on permission by the instructor. It is important that we have a diverse team of motivated, talented students who share a common desire to learn about community-based design and development through experience working with (and supporting) community leaders in the region. By answering three short questions and an optional skill/capacity inventory, you can help us get to know your interests and assemble a great team. Students will be informed of acceptance on a rolling basis. For additional information, view the attached program flyer or contact Hadar Borden, hborden@buffalo.edu

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