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We are excited that you want to pitch at our networking event and tell the world what you have to offer!

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Be on stage in person
This and most upcoming events will be in hybrid form. This means all pitchers will be physically on stage and networking will be done in real life (we waited so long for this!). Afterwards, it is possible to network in real life, and in REMO, as we did before. As such, you will get a speakerlink to REMO to get your own tabel, so that you can choose whom to network with, online and in real life. There will be some interesting international parties joining us, so don't forget to check your table online!

If you are eager to pitch, but cannot be there in person, please contact us for possibilities at
You have 3 minutes to pitch
Please note: all pitchers have a maximum of 3 minutes and the possibility to show a slideshow, such as Powerpoint. Questions and networking can be done afterwards during the networking part. Be on time at SBIC to try out your slideshow. Without testing you unfortunately need to pitch without a slideshow.
About REMO
You will receive an email with the invitation as speaker. Clicking on the 'accept my invitation' button in the e-mail will take you to the Remo environment. Then click on the speaker login button. You will only enter Remo with the email address you provided. You will be asked to create an account. Take a look and check if audio and microphone are working properly. Access to the Remo environment is linked to the e-mail address you provide below.
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Tell us a little about you
To further promote your story, we would like to tell something about your story on our socials. We might do this beforehand, or afterwards in the form of a quote. If so, we always check the quote with you before we publish it online. Please write something below that we may use on our socials beforehand to promote your story.
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