Practice Picket for UNION POWER on February 20th
- Sign up for a 1 hour shift 
- East Baltimore campus: 10am - 12pm 
- Homewood campus: 1pm - 4pm 

Join your fellow grad workers at our very first practice picket, as we give admin a preview of what it would look like if we were to go on strike, and leverage some real union power! This picket will be a key opportunity to increase the pressure on Hopkins and to show them that we CAN and WILL go on strike if they won't budge. We know that escalations like these give us movement in the bargaining room without disrupting our work and our teaching unless we absolutely have to.

Our labor, our research, our teaching runs this University, and we deserve fair protections from an unjust workplace: we deserve a fair wage, the recognition of our work as work, and long term union security through union shop

Currently, admin is stalling on articles around Union Security and Discipline and Discharge. They want to weaken our union's strength by withholding union shop (universal union membership), and they want to fire us on the basis of "academics" and without due process because they don't believe our research is work that should be protected by our contract. 

At this picket, we tell admin:
Union power means our work is work. 
Union power is union shop. 

Join us Tuesday, February 20 for a 1 hour shift (or more!) -- in the morning on East Baltimore campus by the Dome on Broadway (10:00am - 12:00pm) and in the afternoon on Homewood by the Beach (1:00pm - 4:00pm) to show Hopkins we mean business!
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Can you volunteer as a MARSHAL during your shift? Marshals will guide picketers and interface with any law enforcement (training provided).
Can you volunteer as an ORGANIZER during your shift? Organizers will talk to folks on the picket about upcoming TRU events (like the February 27 GMM).
Can you volunteer as a CHANT LEADER during your shift? Chant leaders will take the megaphone and lead the picketers through chants (sheet provided)
Will you need childcare at the picket? (48 hours appreciated)
Can you come to an art build & phone bank Monday, Feb. 19 from 5-8pm? We will make picket signs & do outreach for a really strong event.

Locations are Bloomberg 462 and Bun Shop.
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