Volunteer Recruitment For Book Collection Campaign Of BookSharers 舊書回收活動義工招募 (May 五月)
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DreamChasers is a local community organization founded by a group of Young DBers. By hosting various kinds of community activities, we aim to gather and absorb positive energy, strengthen our neighborhood relationship and to build a more united, yet harmonious community.
In mid April to September 2019, DreamChasers will host a brand new activity called 【BookSharers 書送者】in DB. The design of this activity is based on the concept of Book Crossing (sharing books that are no longer in use to the public, and let the book flow to different readers in the community), and throughout this event, we aim to further gather positive energy, strengthen our neighborhood relationship and most importantly to enhance reading culture in our community.


BookSharers Books Collection 回收舊書義工站:
1)Date 日期:7/5、14/5、21/5、28/5 Every Tuesday 逢星期二
; Venue 地點: BMSE The Neighbourhood Advice-Action Council 鄰舍輔導會愉景灣分處 ; Time時間: 3pm-6pm (Free to Join Anytime )

2)Date 日期:4/5、5/5、11/5、18/5、19/5、25/5、26/5 Every Saturday & Sunday逢星期六及日
; Venue 地點: DB South Plaza 愉景灣南商場; Time時間: 11am-5pm (Free to Join Anytime )

**Your preferred time in Jun to Sep 2019 (We will email you the updated schedule in the coming month to your registered email) 6-9月份時間將盡快發至 閣下的電郵 **

Volunteer's Responsibilities :
-Man the collection counter;
-Preliminary screen of the books received;
- Help donors register books on the web ;
- Transport the collected books to the storage room of BookSharers
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