Effective Altruism NZ Summer Retreat 2021 - Expressions of Interest
There will be a Summer retreat 14th Jan - 17th Jan at Motutapu Island off the coast of Auckland.

Details can be found on www.effectivealtruism.nz/retreat

The retreat is designed for people who are familiar with effective altruism, and are dedicated to improving the world using evidence and analysis, whether by donating, volunteering, or through their career. While we will hopefully be able to accommodate everyone who is interested, there is a limited number of places, so please fill in this form and we will confirm! Any queries can be emailed to Ivan ivan@effectivaltruism.nz.

We expect that the retreat will cost about $220 per person for the whole retreat, including food, but we expect to secure funding to reduce this cost for all, and pay for retreat costs and transportation for those with financial constraints! So apply even if you don't have the $$$ to come!
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City or Town
How likely is it that you can make it for all or some of the retreat?
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If you weren't at a previous retreat, and don't attend EA meetups, please tell us a little bit about yourself and your altruistic interests, involvement in EA so far, and your plans for making an impact in the future. If you don't have plans yet that is absolutely fine - the retreat may help you formulate plans and get support.
Are you okay sharing a room with others? We may have a limited number of private rooms. (Please put details under 'Other' if you would like to have a private room with another retreat attendee).
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The catering will be vegan. Do you have any further dietary requirements?
Do you need or want funding to come? We expect to get a grant to help low income and student EAs with their flights and the cost of the retreat. Please outline what funding you would like to be considered for, e.g. Flights+ retreat, retreat only. Please include whether funding will be the deciding factor for your attendance. If applicable, please indicate if you would be willing and able to cover all or part of the cost for another participant.
Are you able to help out with the retreat?
Anything else we should know about?
Some people in the EA community have found retreats to be very valuable, and they have caused people to change their donations, changed their career trajectories, start projects, make new friends, and gained more motivation to do good. What would YOU ideally like to get out of the retreat?
Thank you! If you have any questions get in touch with Ivan on ivan@effectivealtruism.nz
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