Cheftastic 3.0
"Nothing brings people together like good food"

Cooking is one of the greatest of gifts that you can offer. An art of love that everyone across the globe understands invariant to color and creed.
Aagneya'19 invites all the cooking aspirants to the ultimate culinary clash, *Cheftastic 3.0*. A platform for all the chefs to test their skills and get honoured for their efforts.

Registration fee: Rs.150
Date : 6th and 7th April
Time: 9 am

1. No written recipes will be allowed.
2. Outsiders are not allowed to communicate or give ideas during the competition. Volunteers will be provided for each contestant.
3. Maximum time limit for cooking is 90 minutes (May vary with difficulty of rounds).
4. Participants should bring special apparatuses for cooking if they need any.
5. Necessary utensils like frying pan, sauce pans and apparatus like mixer will be provided.
6. Necessary pantry will be provided.
7. In case the no. of participants are more a preliminary round of taste test will be conducted.
8. Participants clearing the first and second rounds on Saturday will have their finals on sunday.

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