Online Course in Recombinant DNA Technology( Batch Vth)
Fill this form if you are interested to participate in next online certificate course ( Fifth batch) in Recombinant DNA Technology. Course duration will be of 30 hrs. Date of Commencement of Course is 28th July 2020 and and course fee is Rs. 1000( thousand only) . This course will be conducted by Dr. Gopal Jee Gopal, Asst. Professor, Uka Tarsadia University. You may reach him through his mail Course content will be:Players of Gene cloning, Various Strategies for Gene cloning and expression of cloned gene in different E.coli hosts,insect host and in animal cell, Techniques used in Recombinant DNA technology, Protein/protein and protein/DNA interaction, Different types of PCR, Basic chemistry and mathematics, Determination of function of gene etc. Lecture session will be from 5:30 PM to 8:30 PM.
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