Discussing Party Affiliation
After taking the ISideWith political affiliation quiz answer the following series of questions relating to your own personal political beliefs.


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Did the survey results connect with what you had thought your political affiliation was? What surprised you about your results? *
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Which factors do you think most influenced your survey connecting you to the political affiliation that it did? Which factors/questions did you feel most strongly about? *
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How do you think your results might be different in different stages of your future? (Once you are looking for a career, once you have a family, once you are thinking about retiring, etc…) What issues are big to you now that may not be as important as you get older? Which issues will become more important? Explain why you think this. *
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Based on your own observations now how are your political beliefs impacted by the following factors? a. Your Family b. Your Peers c. The Media d. Your School e. Society in General *
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