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#greenUps is the central hub of all cleantech and greentech startups and SME's of western Sweden. By joining #greenUps you get access to a vast network of inspiring green entrepreneurs, invitation to events that ranges from educational workshops to investor meetups and Christmas parties. You will also be the first to know whenever the Swedish Energy Agency has important information on new grants or exciting events.

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Visit www.greenups.se for more information.
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Agriculture & Food
Logistics, packaging, plant sciences, quality monitoring, safety, smart irrigation, storage, supply chain tracking, sustainable protein

Energy & Power
Digitization, decentralizations, effficiency, energy access, energy storage, flexibility, fuel cells, grid edge, heat, hydrogen, internet of energy, microgrids, solar, wind

Industry & Manufacturing
3D-printing, artificial intelligence, blockchain, cyber security, data analytics, industrial internet of things, industry 4.0, robotics

Materials & Chemicals
Coatings, construction, industrial biotechnology, nano-materials, metals, plastics, polymers, steel, textiles

Resources & Environment
Carbon-to-value, circucal economy, digital applications, geospatial analytics, oil & gas, recycling, waste treatment, water treatment

Transportation & Logistics
Autonomous and connected vehicles, digitazation, electric behicles and charging, infrastructure, logistics services, mobility (people & goods), new mobility business models, sharing infrastructure, transportation software
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