2021 BERMUN Student Officer Application
By applying for a position as BERMUN Student Officer, you confirm that you

• are fluent in the English language
• understand the following responsibilities
• agree to carry out the requested tasks
• have contacted your MUN Director and expressed your interest in applying

Note: Your Student Officer Application will only be considered if your MUN Directors submits a Letter of Recommendation to bermun@gmail.com by April 30).

Note: Although there is no rule, please note that it is unlikely that more than one or two applicants will be accepted from one school.


• Be aware of your role as one of the players in the team of Student Officers and BERMUN Directors
• Share the goal of making BERMUN a success by contributing to the team efforts before, during and after the conference.
• Work diligently during committee on the many StOff tasks together with your co-chairs (attendance, amendments, recording participation, chairing, responding to delegates, etc.)
• Prepare by participating actively in debates in your school's MUN program.
• Be willing to attend chair meetings and training sessions before BERMUN
• Attend all chair briefings and debriefings during BERMUN


• Lead by personal example with initiative, integrity, and professionalism
• Lead by being informed and involved with the committee debate, consecutively challenging and amending rather than tearing others down
• Lead by being inclusive of others, listening to others, inspiring and encouraging each delegate to participate, and working to ensure that bullying is not allowed
• Lead by being involved, by being part of the committee work (making the effort "we/us/our" rather than "you/yours"
• Lead by using authority carefully and wisely, having authority without being authoritarian


• Write a website Welcome Letter/Introduction about yourself and include a professional looking picture
• Research your committee topics extensively and carefully read your co-chairs' reports
• [If requested] Write a research report on one of your committee's topics
• Assist delegates and guide them during their preparation via your committee pre-conference communication group
• Make sure that you thoroughly understand the mechanics of resolution writing and are able to explain them.
• Use BERMUN parliamentary procedure effectively i.e. to facilitate good debate
• Work with your co-chairs on methods to stimulate productive debate and motivate delegates
• Be well versed in the UN system and Charter


• Website Introduction & Photo due - Monday, May 18
• Research Report Deadlines will be announced to any chair to whom this applies


The duties of a Student Officer do not start with the conference itself. As a Student Officer you have tasks and responsibilities before, during and after BERMUN. All of the tasks are very important, and it is crucial that you act reliably and responsibly as a Student Officer.

We look forward to receiving your applications by April 30, 2021.

BERMUN Secretariat and Directors

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