DSF Membership Nomination
Individual Members are appointed by the DSF in recognition of their service to the Django community. They are added to the members mailing list and participate in Django community discussions. If you know someone who you think should be considered for Individual Membership, nominate them using this form. Individuals can be nominated by an existing member, or you can nominate yourself. People nominated by another person will be contacted by DSF to ensure that they are interested in being considered for membership.
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Please share in detail the nominee's qualifications for membership.

To be qualified, this person must have contributed materially to the DSF's mission of developing or promoting Django, protecting the framework’s long-term viability, and/or advancing the state of the art in web development.

See https://www.djangoproject.com/foundation/individual-members/faq/ for more details on qualifications, and examples of what does (and doesn't) qualify someone.
Please share any links that might show the nominee's contributions -- Github profiles, Django Forum posts, StackOverflow posts, blogs, books, YouTube channels, etc.
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