Impacts of COVID-19 on Athens County Businesses
Business Owners - Please respond to the below questions as openly and honestly as you can. Your responses will help us identify opportunities for financial relief and prepare advocacy materials to inform state & federal stimulus packages that will help Athens County recover from implications of the COVID-19 outbreak.

This survey was prepared by the Athens County Economic Development Council and Athens Area Chamber of Commerce, in conjunction with the City of Athens Planning Office.
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How many of your employees are at risk of unemployment, reduced hours, and/or layoffs? *
How has your business been affected by COVID-19? Check all that apply. *
Please estimate the percentage of revenue decline your business is currently experiencing or anticipates experiencing. *
At this time, what are you most concerned about? Check all that apply. *
If business disruption continues at the current rate, my business is at risk of closing permanently in: *
What type of assistance would be most helpful? Check all that apply. *
If financial relief opportunities were to be made available to Athens County businesses during a "recovery phase," what are the top business needs you would grant funding to?
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What additional comments, questions or concerns do you have that have not yet been addressed in previous questions?
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