Cotton & Comb Affiliate Application
Hey there! We are so excited to be launching an affiliate program and we can't wait to find our dream team. Below you will find the details of the program, if you have any questions feel free to reach out.

All affiliates must have at least 1000 followers on each social media platform. The affiliate will receive 10% commission on each order placed using unique code. We will gift 2 pieces of the affiliates choice at the start of the partnership and affiliates that bring in more than $500 a month in sales will receive an additional gifted piece each month that the criteria is met. Affiliates will be given a unique 10% percent off code to share with their audiences that can be used personally as well. We will pay out affiliate commissions once a month.

In order for affiliate benefits to be active, the unique code must be used a minimum of 10 times per quarter. If the affiliate code goes unused the code will be deactivated and benefits will expire. The commission percentage will increase to 12% when the affiliates code consistently brings in $600 each month of a quarter.
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