CMMS 5/6 Grade Input Survey
We are excited to welcome our 5th and 6th-grade students and families into CMMS in the fall. We know this is an exciting time but also that you have questions and concerns. We appreciate your time in completing this survey and we will be doing our best to respond to your concerns and questions throughout the summer.
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Take a look at this FAQ document: After viewing it please share with us what other questions we can answer for you and your family.
We understand that transitioning to middle school can come with uncertainty. Do you have any concerns about this transition that you would like to share?
What is something that your child(ren) are looking forward to for the upcoming school year?
If we could offer any opportunities for your child(ren) what would you like to see them be able to participate in this year?
If we were to offer the following events, would your family be interested in attending? Mark all that apply.
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