Changing the Future of STEM Education - NYSTEEA 55 Post Conference Survey
THANK YOU for attending the 55th Annual Conference of the New York State Technology and Engineering Educators Association! We hope you had a meaningful experience and are now ready to inspire the future of STEM education! Please take a few minutes to complete this survey about your conference experience!
How many NYSTEEA Conferences have you attended?
What is your primary job title?
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What was your primary objective for attending the conference?
To what degree were your personal objectives met?
Not well
Exceptionally well
If your objectives were not met, what could NYSTEEA have done differently or offered to assist?
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How did you learn about the conference?
Would you recommend and encourage a colleague or STEM team to attend?
Describe the most meaningful experience you had at the conference.
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Do you plan on attending the NYSTEEA conference in 2019?
What is important to you that you would like to see at the 2019 Conference?
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Do you have any additional feedback for NYSTEEA?
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