Bitcoin Rapid Options Trading Application
To be invited to trade options with Asian Whale Club, follow these steps. Only 10 People Around the World Will Be Invited. Our commission is 35% of Profits.

1. Send 0.788 BTC (member fee) to 3BMEXr37f34jfbGQDjjbRtPMXmnFbe8XtR
Plus send your Bitcoin contribution of 1BTC, 2BTC, or 5BTC.
2. Wait For Reply (reply is fast during actual trading)
3. Fill In This Form

Your payment is good for 3 trades or until you 3X your membership fee.

We will do live trading where you can copy our moves and learn the art and science of Bitcoin Options Trading.

We will work to earn back all or part of your admission fee during the first week.

IMPORTANT: WITH OPTIONS TRADING, YOU CAN LOSE 100%!!! (and you can make 800%. We do frequently)


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