Project in a Box Innovation Challenge
Dear Students,
We hope you are all safe and sound in your homes in the midst of this public health crisis.
Due to the COVID-19 circumstances facing our school and nation, our Project in a Box team had to make a very difficult decision to cancel the Innovation Challenge for this academic year. This would have been Project in a Box's first ever competition and we were so excited to launch this competition and see what the students would bring to the table.

Originally, we were going to proceed with the competition with the change in the aspect of it being a purely online and remote competition.

However, upon further evaluation of the logistics, we realized that teams were unable physically to meet up due to social distancing and many of our students being kicked off campus. In addition, our judges (faculty, industry, and alumni) are also stressed handling COVID-19 matters and we in our right minds definitely can't ask them to judge any of the projects since there are much more important things they should focus on.

We didn't want to add to the stress or provide this competition to incentivize students to ignore social distancing warnings. The core and spirit of this competition has always been the hands-on aspect but with lab shutdowns, housing issues, and Makerspace closure, none of it pointed to a solution in which we should host the innovation challenge this year.

We especially sincerely apologize to the seniors who are graduating this June who were looking forward to competing this year. It was a very hard decision for us as an organization and we hope that you understand and agree with our course of action. You definitely can submit your project and compete next year. The only requirement is at least one member of the team must be physically be present on competition day in 2021.

For those of you who are still here for the next academic year, we hope that you will apply again and submit your project. We appreciate all of your hard work and dedication to your projects and hope that your enthusiasm is unwavering in times like this.

Please stay safe and healthy. We look forward to seeing you all again once this is over.

Best regards,
Project in a Box Team
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