June is Recreation and Parks Month
This year, as part of June is Recreation and Parks Month, PRO would like to showcase the individuals in Ontario communities who are leading community initiatives that increase access to recreation, supporting parks and recreation programs or have inspired you to be active and outdoors. We will highlight eligible JRPM Champions throughout the month of June and July and share what they do in their communities with the rest of the province on our social media accounts.

Once we have received the information below, we will reach out to eligible individuals to request a photo and consent to share their story online.

Please refer to our website for timelines or email nbeier@prontario.org if you have any questions.

Thank you for your sharing your JRPM Champion story with us!
Please provide the following information about the Park Champion you would like to celebrate
First Name and Last Name *
Organization and Title/Role *
Municipality *
Tell us briefly about this champion. Provide three examples of how they have contributed to recreation and parks in their community and/or the sector as a whole. One example must showcase how they have helped increase access to opportunities for recreation (e.g. starting new initiative/program; innovative policy to increase access; fundraising for a new facility or event; providing 1:1 support for an individual in need; accessing adaptive equipment; etc.). *
Email Address (This will only be used by PRO to contact the JRPM champion if eligible) *
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