Twelfth Night Coronation - Intent to Attend
If you are having any issues with submitting your booking, please contact Lady Fianna at

In order to comply with Irish covid regulations, your booking will at first be just a Google Form letting us know you want to come. In it, you will also need to tell us who you can share a sleeping space with. Such a group will be your “Bubble”. Only people in a Bubble can share the same bedroom. Your Bubble can consist of:

A) People you regularly hang out with and who are also coming
B ) People you will be travelling to site with.

We would call on those who are happy to sleep off-site, to consider doing so and thereby freeing up spaces for those who may need to stay on-site. We will not be able to fill all beds due to the regulations. We have bedrooms ranging from 3-bed to 14-beds.
In order to help us accommodate your request for attendance, please could you:
Arrange before booking, who you are going to share sleeping space with.
(Optional)Think of a fun group name for yourselves “Team Snore”, “House Penguin-ticklers” etc.
When you book, tell us which group you are sharing with. This will make it easy for us to identify how many there are in a group, and how we can fit you all in.

While preference will be given on a first booked, first accommodated system, we cannot guarantee attendance for anyone except Territorial Royalty. A lot will depend on how we can fit people in to the space available, in a way that will satisfy our legal obligations. But we will do our best within the official constraints, to accommodate as many as possible.

Remember that all those who decide to stay off-site will be allowing more people who cannot, to attend. If you are not part of any Bubble, and cannot stay off-site either, please get in touch with the event team.
Once we have managed to fill as many beds as we can, the lucky ones will receive a confirmation email with request for payment.
Apologies that we are unable to do better than this, at this time, but we will still make this an event to remember!
Event Steward
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At the time of booking, Irish Covid-19 regulations require all attendees at indoor events to present a valid vaccine certificate, proof of recovery from Covid-19, or a PCR test not older than 72 hours. Please understand that these regulations will be enforced. *
On-site beds are full, so please add me to the waiting list for on-site accommodation.
There are a range of hotels, B&B's, AirBnB's etc. within driving distance of site.
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Do you wish to take part in any activities?
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Do you have any dietary requirements or allergies? *
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Do you need any loaner kit? (Garb, martial kit, feast gear, etc.) *
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If there is any other relevant information that we should be aware of, but is not covered in any other section. Or just a nice joke to make us laugh. :)
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