The Perfect Female Domination Clip
This is intended to be answered by those who consider themself to be a submissive (or a fetishist with submissive tendencies), and often seek out porn that heavily involves Female Domination.

Bonus points if you are someone who pays for your porn! Thank you for supporting this beautiful community of independent business owners who are also artists.

READ INSTRUCTIONS! Some of these questions require MORE than one selection.

Do you pay for your some or all of the porn you watch? *
Do you consider yourself to be a submissive or a fetishist? *
Fetishist- a person whose sexual desire or gratification is linked to an abnormal degree to a particular object, activity, part of the body, etc | Submissive- ready to conform to the authority or will of others; meekly obedient or passive. (More definitions / examples on My website)
What is the ideal time length of a clip that you seek out? *
Is there a certain length of time a clip has to be for you to consider purchasing it? *
How to you prefer the background of the clip? *
When you are watching a clip, the background of the clip can do a lot to set the tone. But, if you had to pick your 2 favorite backgrounds that you have noticed for clips and pictures, what would they be?
How do you prefer the Domme to be dressed? *
You can only pick 5, so pick 5 things about a clip that make you MORE likely to purchase / watch it, or things that you would request if you were to request a custom clip.
How important is Nudity of the Domme to you in a clip? *
I am defining "nudity" here as basically anything not allowed on instagram. No nudity means no nipples, and no vagina. THE RESPONSES TO THIS WILL NOT MAKE ME GET NAKED IN MY PUBLIC CLIPS.
I don't need to see my Domme naked for any reason. I wont buy or watch a clip that contains nudity
Completely Necessary... I won't purchase or watch a clip if there is not nudity in it.
What fetishes do you seek out most in clips? *
I know there are probably many things on this list that are appealing to you, but I am asking you to pick the top 5 fetishes that are your favorite to see in clips.
Which Domme Personality do you Like to See in Clips the most? *
A nurturing domme is one who is caring about the sub becoming the best person he can be through the guidance of the domme. A Cruel and unforgiving domme only dishes out harsh words and punishments.
Nurturing, Caring, Sweet Loving Domme
Completely Cruel and Unforgiving Mistress
When looking at a clip that you are considering purchasing, what is the most important factor in your decision? *
What is it about a clip that just pushes you over the edge and makes you add it to your cart? If you were on the fence about a video, but this particular factor was appealing to you, you would make the purchase.
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