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Thank you for ordering a Nadienne-Kei "Intersectional Flower" Pin.

This pin is a symbol for People of Colour, to show that we are a united front when it comes to world issues revolving around minorities, women's rights, and the rights on LGBTQ+ people. A symbol that represents that no matter how hard they try to get rid of us, we will strive and survive, because that's what we do.

They tried to kill us... They didn't know we were weeds.

Please fill out the form below with your accurate information, and once your email address is confirmed, payment must be sent within 5 business days to confirm your purchase.

Sale price is $10CAD flat (no tax!). Once the full release has launched, the price will go up to $13

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Intersectional Flower (Preview)
Preview of the pin, to be sent out on a formal backing. Representing various skin tones and undertones
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