Proposal Application
Are you interested in having the URBAN HOMESTEAD participate in a conference or community event in your area?

Fill out the form to request an Urban Homesteading workshop at your event, conference, school or to your organization.

Due to the amount of requests, we cannot guarantee our availability.

For each event, we ask event organizers to (if applicable):

Coordinate venue arrangements (time, location, and equipment for the event).

Provide hospitality and lodging if an overnight stay is necessary (campground or homestay arrangements are preferred) and transportation to and from the airport or venue locations.

Publicize the event within your community and to the local media. (URBAN HOMESTEAD can provide assistance in this effort.)

Provide honorarium and travel expenses. We understand that some groups can provide more support than others. Because we do not want cost to be a deciding factor in bringing such an important event to your community, we will work with you on ideas and alternative resources.

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