Challenges for Computational Reproducibility
The RDA CURE-FAIR Working Group (Subgroup 3 - Challenges) is gathering user stories to better understand the particular challenges for all those involved in making computational reproducibility possible or attempting computational reproducibility. The goal is to provide a set of guidelines for preparing materials to better achieve this.

Please submit your pain-point stories for computational reproducibility by using this form. Each user story = one form entry, so if you have more than one story you'll fill out the form multiple times. Your user stories may describe either current or past challenges you experienced.

This form structures each story as follows: AS A <role> I WANT TO <activity/goal> SO THAT <benefit> BUT <problem>. For example, "AS A researcher I WANT TO reuse analysis code SO THAT I can test consistency across computing environments BUT a dependency is no longer available."

Please pass on this form to anyone who you think may be interested.

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For more information about the Working Group and for questions or comments about this form, please contact the co-chairs as listed here:
User Story Contributor Name, Affiliation/Employer
OPTIONAL: Please let us know if you'd like your name and/or affiliation/employer recorded against the story you provide here. Please do not include contact details as submissions are publicly accessible.
AS A... *
REQUIRED: Please specify the perspective you are contributing the user story from (that is, the role you have that is pertinent to this story). For example, AS A... "Researcher"; "Data Steward"; "Funder"; "Data Curator"; "Journal Editor."
OPTIONAL: Please specify the academic discipline in which you work or specialize. For example, IN... "Political Science"; "Computer Science; "Bioinformatics."
I WANT TO... *
REQUIRED: Please describe the (currently or previously unachievable) goal or reason for computational reproducibility. For example, I WANT TO... "be able to run a similar analysis"; "reuse my colleague's sequence alignment pipeline"; "use the data cleaning program"; "verify the results."
SO THAT... *
REQUIRED: Please describe what you want (or wanted) to gain were the goal achievable. There may be more than one thing gained. Please list as many as you can. For example, SO THAT... "we save time and effort"; "we ensure the integrity of our reproducibility environment"; "I can assure consistency across computing environment"; "I can compare or build upon published work."
BUT... *
REQUIRED: Please describe the thing or things that stops (or stopped) you from achieving your goal(s). There may be multiple barriers or difficulties. Please list as many as you can. For example, BUT... "a dependency is no longer available"; "the infrastructure to achieve this does not yet exist"; "the computing requirements are prohibitive."
Further comments?
OPTIONAL: Please add any further detail that would help us understand your user story, and any other useful information including your ideas about how to solve the difficulties you describe here.
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