Activity Tracking for ONL171
About Activities

Below you will find sub-fields for each of the 5 topics. Please fill in (briefly) where and how you have been active. It could be for instance your activity in your PBL-group (if you took the lead for a specific topic, if you participated to make the presentation, etc), links to collaborative group work, links to written blog posts and written feedback, discussions in the main forum, participation in webinars etc. Please add links where appropriate.

When should I update?

For your own benefit it is best to update regularly. The course team will however not collect all of the answers until the deadline of the course. We need you to submit the final version of this before May 5th. Read more about the requirements here:

Create a back-up at home: we strongly suggest that you for each week have a back-up of your activities in a document of your own!

The settings on the form are as follows: each participant is only allowed to participate once, but it is possible to edit at different times. This means that if you are logged in with your Google account and open the survey again after the first time, you should be located to your survey already in progress.

To save this form you have to press the Submit-button in the end.

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